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To name but a few:

  • • As a full-contact sport, rugby provides new and exciting challenges and physical demands that teach boys, girls, women and men alike to challenge their limits and discover a new life-long sense of confidence and resilience in the process.

  • • Rugby is physical, but clearly within the parameters of responsibility and safety. It’s also popular, recently identified by the US Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association as the fastest-growing team sport.

  • • Business and military leaders love rugby because the sport’s widely-distributed decision making model forges team players and leaders. This opportunity to develop as individuals and as team players sets rugby apart.

  • • Rugby has a spot for players of all sizes, shapes and abilities. The welcoming sense of community & camaraderie proudly anchors the sport. The second you step onto a rugby pitch, you enter a vast and tight-knit community of rugby players that unites generations, defies gender and race, and spans the world.

  • • You’d fit in with the almost 6 million athletes playing the sport in over 120 countries!

  • • Rugby builds physical attributes like strength and fitness (think 80 minutes of running, tackling, passing, catching, kicking with no time outs), as well as mental attributes like character, confidence and resilience.

  • • Whether you’re a man, woman, boy or girl, the format, rules and equipment are exactly the same. This is unique in team sports.

  • • Rugby is a game of paradoxes − it combines physical force with grace, rigor with creativity, and team success depending on both unity and individual initiative.