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April 16, 2024

A New Chapter in Innovation and Commitment at Atavus Football 

Kerry Carter - Atavus Football CEO

I am thrilled to share that I have assumed the role of CEO at Atavus Football since January of this year, following a comprehensive transition process. My journey with Atavus began in 2016, and it has been an incredible ride filled with challenges, innovations, and achievements. 

At Atavus, we're not just a team but a community of football enthusiasts. Our passion for the game drives every project and product we develop. Our coaches, players, scouts, and technologists share this passion—each of us is profoundly shaped by the game. We are committed to enhancing its safety and strategic dimensions through cutting-edge technology, a mission that is at the core of everything we do. 

When the world came to a halt in early 2020, the future of sports, including football, was uncertain. Like many, we faced significant challenges. Our team size reduced, but our determination remained unwavering. We used this time to strengthen our resolve and focus on innovation, learning invaluable lessons in resilience and adaptability. Now, as we look towards growth and expansion, we do so with confidence in our ability to overcome any obstacle. 

As I officially step into my role, I am deeply grateful for the trust and support of our fantastic staff, board of directors, committed investors, and our valued community of football enthusiasts. Your belief in our mission fuels our pursuit of excellence and innovation, and we are excited to continue this journey together. 

This week, we are excited to launch several key initiatives: 

  • Our First Newsletter: Debuting this Wednesday, this publication will explore the latest in defensive strategies, performance technology, and safety innovations. 
  • Tackle Talks Series: This new series will bring together leading voices in the industry to discuss the integration of technology in sports and its impact on coaching and playing. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we explore new football and sports technology frontiers. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, participate in our Tackle Talks, and follow us on [social media links] for regular updates. Your engagement is crucial to our mission of enhancing football safety and performance through cutting-edge technology. 

We are excited to share this path with you as we push the boundaries of what's possible on and off the field, driven by our love for the game and our responsibility to it. 

Kerry Carter - Atavus Football CEO

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