Reduce helmet to helmet contact by 58%
Reduce the likelihood of injury by removing the head from tackling; keep your players on the field.
Decrease of 8.7 points allowed per game
Play better defense and reduce points allowed per game by limiting missed tackles and yards after contact.
Tacklers are 16% more effective using shoulder-led tackling
Teach effective shoulder-led tackling with the best-in-class technique, resources, and tools.
Detailed tackle plans for practice that provide the best path to help players learn the Atavus Tackle System on the field.
Extensive drill library with insightful coaching videos and sheets that you can bring on the field to make drill set up, execution, and evaluation more efficient.
Atavus Edge provides coaches with the basics of the Atavus Tackle System, an approach built around shoulder-led technique that is both fundamentally sound and safer. The goal is to control movement, make effective contact, and to maximize power while reducing unnecessary head contact.


With Atavus Edge You Will:

Increase Player Safety

Gain an Edge

Simplify Implementation

Get Certified

Improve Performance

Inspire Confidence

Develop Effective Tacklers

Win More!

Get the best in class tackling resources

Atavus Starter provides coaches with a drill video library and related drill sheets, equipping you with enough technique and practice planning to teach the basics of shoulder-led tackling—all at no cost.
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Upgrade to Atavus Edge at any time for access to all 40 videos,

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Included Resources

Atavus Tackle System Introductory Videos
A short video series introducing and explaining the core concepts behind Atavus' shoulder-led tackling technique
1 Video
3 Videos
Tackling Certification
Complete Atavus' best-in-class tackling certification focused on supporting coaches to teach proper tackling technique and player a safer, more effective game of football.
Drill Library
Extensive drill library featuring 40 technical, decision-making, and game-based drills tailored to team, position, and player needs.
6 Drills
40 Drills
Drill Sheets & Videos
Drill sheets and videos for every drill to help you bring your learning to the practice field.
6 Drills
40 Drills
Tackle Plans
Detailed tackle plans for practice that provide the best path to help players learn the Atavus Tackle System on the field.
Tackle Talks
Access to Atavus' Tackle Talks webinar series that discusses coaching and tackling topics beyond the technique.
1 Episode
3 Episodes


More Than a Certification
When completing the Atavus Tackling Certification, coaches also receive access to our Digital Tackling Academy. Our Digital Tackling Academy puts the Atavus Tackle System at your fingertips, enabling your team to play more effective and safer football. Coaches can get access to select videos, drills, and core concepts with the new solutions for individual coaches who want to bring shoulder-led tackling technique to their teams.


  • “The data that Atavus provides is critical and versatile. In addition to its primary function as a safety and teaching tool, I use it as an evaluation tool, and it helps tell an important part of a player's tackling ability and production. It encompasses so much!”

    Scott Pioli

    NFL Analyst & Former NFL Executive
  • “[Atavus] allows our defensive staff... to analyze where we're at game in and game out to tailor our tackling drills to what our needs are each game. Then [they] take a snapshot over the season and help us in spring... tailor where we are going to attack our defensive drills for those kids that we've got coming back.”

    Galen Zimmerman

    Head Coach
    Dripping Springs High School 
    Dripping Springs, TX
  • “The Atavus approach is safer, more effective, and leads to better performance on the field.”

    Alex Grinch

    Defensive Coordinator – USC
  • “We are so appreciative and pleased with the use of Atavus this season. From the training of our high school staff, local middle school coaches, and youth programs to weekly reports and breakdowns of our team’s performance, Atavus truly is above anything else on the market.”

    Nicholas Baker

    Head Coach – Hanford High School Richland, WA
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