Atavus educates players and coaches, helping them improve performance, inspire confidence, and increase player safety.
Atavus was founded in 2011 to breed character, develop skills, and champion rugby in the USA and beyond. Since then we’ve expanded beyond rugby into football, and built a company focused on giving coaches the best tools to develop themselves and their players.

Today Atavus has grown to become the world’s leading authority on tackle performance, analysis, and coaching technique. Combining innovative curriculum and actionable data with analysis from successful and experienced coaches, Atavus delivers measurement and insight to improve the performance of players, coaches, and teams. With customers in professional, collegiate, and high school football, the Atavus Tackle System has proven effective at all levels of football.
Stemming from our roots in rugby, we developed the Atavus Tackle System in 2015 cooperation with the Seattle Seahawks, Washington Huskies, and Ohio State Buckeyes. Since its inception, the Atavus Tackle System has become the best-in-class tackling program for all levels of the game.

Our system's foundation is our shoulder-led technique paired with a data-driven approach that focuses on making Near Shoulder contact to increase performance and player safety by removing the head from the tackle. We believe tackling is a two-step process and starts before contact is made. We focus on the technical elements of both the Pre-Contact and Contact phases of the tackle. However, the Atavus Tackle System goes beyond just technique. 

Our system takes players and coaches through all the steps needed for improvement. Atavus provides coaches with performance and safety data analysis, insights, tackle plans, coaching resources, and best-in-class tackling certification. We aim to give players and coaches all the tools to help educate, improve, and inspire confidence.


Join a meeting at Atavus, and you’ll find former NFL and college football players, data scientists, championship football coaches, and executives with decades of experience running successful companies.

Scott Lawyer

Director of Football Programming & Analytics

Jacob swilley

Operations Manager

scott laigo

Director of Partnership Development

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