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Why Atavus?
Atavus is the world’s leading authority on tackle performance, analysis, and coaching technique.

For the last three years, Atavus has focused solely on tackling, and through their work, they have developed a systematic approach and process to teach tackling. When we considered all our options, in order to have a lasting impact, we knew we needed to work with experts who could not only teach the technique but provide the additional resources and expertise coaches have been asking for.

Combining actionable data with analysis from successful and experienced coaches, Atavus delivers measurement and insight to improve the performance of players, coaches, and teams. With customers in professional, college, and high school football, the Atavus Tackling System has proven effective at all levels of football.

How is this different? What makes the Atavus technique special?
What separates the Atavus tackling system is that we have taken a comprehensive look at contact in and around the tackle. As a result, we have produced the best resource for educating both players and coaches, and it help programs at every level. It is not age specific and can cross over into multiple sports.

The technique focuses on making contact with the shoulder and keeping the head out of the tackle. The goal is to have controlled movement, make effective contact and to maximize both power and control.

But the Atavus System is more than just technique and drills. We have developed a system that engages the athletes through a player-centered approach and increases motor skill retention using a progression-based approach that incorporates varying levels of contact. As a result, the coaches have more confidence teaching, which increases the players confidence in execution.

What is included in this certification? 
The certification includes introducing concepts that every coach should know in order to effectively coach tackling. The initial certification will be in person. After completing and passing the certification, coaches will have access to the Atavus Digital Tackling Academy. The Atavus Digital Tackling Academy provides coaches access to Technical Drills, Decision-Making Drills, Game-Based Drills, Certification test results, and additional coaching resources to help reinforce the certification process and provide instruction in teaching safer and more effective tackle drills.
What do coaches have to do to be certified?
The certification process will be available in two formats. The first and initial option is an on-site training, consisting of a presentation followed by a live assessment which must be passed to receive certification. The second option beginning in April 2019 is an online platform, which allows coaches to achieve certification at their own pace but consists of a similar educational presentation and final assessment.
How long does the certification process take?
The certification will initially include an in-person presentation followed by an assessment that will be provided at the THSCA Coaching School starting in July 2018. That will be replicated at other events throughout the year, including the Texas State Championships, through the THSCA F.A.S.T. Clinics.
When will I need to complete the Mandatory Tackling Certification?
Atavus, the leader in tackling consultation and analysis, has been selected by THSCA and UIL to provide mandatory tackling certification for all high school football coaches in Texas. The first certification sessions will take place at the 2018 THSCA Coaching School. The deadline for tackling certification is August 1, 2019.
Can I access the Atavus Digital Tackling Academy prior to attending the in-person tackle presentation and assessment?
No. Whether coaches choose the on-site training or online version, beginning in April of 2019, coaches must first pass the tackling certification assessment in order to access the Atavus Digital Tackling Academy.
Exam Result Access?
Coaches who have completed the on-site training can access their exam results via the Atavus Digital Tackling Academy. For the on-site training, results are typically available 2 weeks after taking the exam. Starting in April of 2019, coaches who complete the online certification course will immediately receive their test results after completion.
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What will this cost the high school coach in Texas?
The initial certification will involve no direct cost to the current coaches if you receive the training at Coaching School or from the Atavus online certification between April 1, 2019 and July 1, 2019. THSCA F.A.S.T. Clinics will have a fee of $25. Certifications will be valid for two football seasons after 2019. If you complete the training in 2018 it will be good until 2021.
Has this been done before?
No this is the first mandatory tackling certification implemented by any state.
What coaches will need to be tackle certified?
All Football Coaches have to be certified by August 2019.
Why make this certification mandatory not optional like other coaching certifications?
The UIL Legislative council thinks that making this an optional certification would not convey how strong we feel about taking necessary steps to protect the game of football and make it safer.
What has the early response been from the coaches?
It’s been overwhelming. Texas high school football coaches have a reputation for being among the biggest innovators of the game and we applaud them for understanding that the game is changing.
Why does THSCA believe this is the best way to tackle?
We think it’s mandatory to take the head out of the tackle and after vetting companies, Atavus stands alone in its research, drills and knowledge in the art of tackling.
Who is keeping up with the certifications?
All CCP certifications will be logged in Register My Athlete on the UIL Portal. THSCA and Atavus will relay all those persons who have passed certification at a THSCA in-person training to RMA for verification.
Can I complete ALL of my required CCP courses including the Tackling Certification at coaching school?
Yes. However, all sessions will have limited seating so we suggest you arrive early to registration to pick-up tickets for those that require a ticket for admission. The other CCP courses that do not require a ticket will also have limited seating and we will close those doors when we reach capacity. We will have staff on hand in the registration hall to answer any CCP questions you may have.
What else does Atavus provide?
Those coaches who have passed the certification test will have online access to additional Atavus materials including training videos and drills. For a fee Atavus will analyze and keep up with your tackling throughout the season and/or come on to your campus and teach tackling to your staff and team. On campus training sessions do not suffice for CCP Certification.
When and where will I get my results from the Tackling Certification?
Results from in-person certification typically take two weeks to finish. Results from online certification is immediate. In the event you have not passed the certification test you will be given options for next steps.
Is the tackling free online?
For this year only it will be offered for free online through Atavus beginning April 1, 2019 through July 1, 2019. Beginning August 2, 2019, a per-coach fee will be implemented.
Where and when are the FAST Clinics?
December 22, 2018 - Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX
February 6, 2019 - Jay Gordon Room, Lubbock ISD Central Office, Lubbock, TX
February 13, 2019 - McAllen HS Auditorium, McAllen, TX
February 20, 2019 - Mickey Melton Fine Arts Bldg., Longview HS, Longview, TX
March 6, 2019 - Bowie HS Auditorium, El Paso, TX

Is there a cost for the FAST Clinics?
Yes $25 and you must pre-register online with a credit card on the THSCA website. No onsite registration will be available. Registration will be available online through the THSCA website beginning October 1, 2018.
Step up your team’s defense. Available now for NFL, CFL, college, and high school football programs.
Step up your team’s defense. Available now for NFL, CFL, college, and high school football programs.
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