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September 26, 2017

Seattle Linebacker Bobby Wagner Named 2018-19 Atavus Ambassador

Practice Like Pros to Promote Atavus Tackle System and Atavus Tackling Certification Program During 2019 Off-Season Touring Video Clinic
ATAVUS Tackle System video instruction

John Gallagher, Sep. 26th 2018

Atavus, the leader in coach education and player performance analysis, announced today that Bobby Wagner, linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, will serve as Atavus Ambassador for the 2018 - 2019 season. In his new role, Bobby Wagner will share the value of the Atavus shoulder-led tackling technique that is designed to improve performance and increase safety in the tackle.

Wagner is part of the highly regarded Seattle defense, who have used shoulder-led tackling techniques since 2014. The team’s success suggests that not only is shoulder-led tackling safer, but it improves performance as well. As a four-time Pro Bowler and football champion, Wagner has received many accolades recognizing his defensive skill. He was graded by Pro Football Focus as the NFL’s top linebacker for the 2017 season.

“Bobby Wagner is an exceptional player who exemplifies the Atavus approach to tackling: a dominant tackle that takes the head out of contact,” said Karen Bryant, chief executive officer at Atavus. “We are pleased to have Bobby’s involvement in promoting and continuing to enhance the Atavus Tackle System, our innovative combination of proven technique, comprehensive training tools, and performance analytics.”

In his role as an Atavus Ambassador, Wagner will promote the Atavus Tackle System at the college, high school, and youth levels for its benefits in improved safety and performance.

About Atavus

Atavus is the leader in coach education, providing a modern, impactful solution for coaches at all levels of football to improve performance and safety in tackling. Atavus has developed the first and most comprehensive system rooted in technique and fundamentals using innovative, detailed analytics. Atavus measures performance and offers consulting services to provide coaches on-site and remote assessment, coupled with specific tackle plans backed by advanced technology.

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