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August 6, 2019

Central Texas Youth Football League Chooses Atavus to Provide Certification in Safer Tackling Technique

Youth Association Following the Lead of Texas High School Coaches Association and Requiring all Coaches be Certified in Atavus Shoulder-led Tackling by August 31, 2019
ATAVUS Tackle System video instruction

John Gallagher, Aug. 6th 2019

Seattle, WA — August 6, 2019 — Atavus, the leader in football coach education and tackling assessment, announced today that they have been chosen by the Central Texas Youth Football League as the official and exclusive tackling certification partner. All CTYFL coaches must complete certification in Atavus technique by August 31, 2019. 

“The priority of CTYFL has always been player safety, and we have a history of requiring certification for coaches,” said Michael Selvera, president of CTYFL. “By requiring all our coaches to become certified in Atavus technique we are making the strongest statement possible about the importance of player safety.”

Atavus educates coaches on a tackling technique that moves the head to the side and out of the tackle.  Atavus online tackling certification requires the coach to view video instruction and subsequently complete an assessment to verify their understanding. Coaches who successfully complete certification will receive access to Atavus’ Digital Tackling Academy ™ that includes tools needed to implement a shoulder-led tackling technique that is both safer and more dominant than frequently taught tackling techniques.

CTYFL’s decision aligns with a national movement for tackling education that started in 2018 with the University Interscholastic League in Texas and the Texas High School Coaches Association requiring all 23,000 high school and middle school football coaches in the state to successfully complete certification through Atavus.

“The leadership shown by CTYFL around player safety is encouraging and impressive ,” said Karen Bryant, CEO of Atavus. “We see tackling certification as central to the efforts to save football, and are proud to play our part to make the game safer.”

Coaches outside of CTYFL interested in learning about Atavus coaching and training programs may learn more at https://www.atavus.com.

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About Atavus

Atavus provides a modern, impactful solution for coaches at all levels of football to improve performance and safety in tackling. Atavus has developed the first and most comprehensive system rooted in technique and fundamentals using innovative, detailed analytics. Atavus measures performance and offers consulting services to provide coaches on-site and remote assessment, coupled with specific tackle plans backed by advanced technology. Learn more at https://www.atavus.com.

About Central Texas Youth Football League

The CTYFL is a family of several organizations that operate on the belief and principle that every athlete who wants to participate in the sport of football and cheerleading should be developed in a program that is designed to make them successful as an individual and as part of a team. The goal of the CTYFL is to develop the expectation of success through respect, character, work ethic, and attitude, creating a confident individual who will carry these lessons into all aspects of life. To achieve the goal of developing this type of individual and organization we choose to be a league based on age divisions without weight limits because we believe that age is a much more important factor than weight at this point in an athlete's life.

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