December 21, 2021

Individual Tackle Assessment

In football today, personalization and customization have become the norm. Specifically, regarding training and preparation, athletes have different learning styles, overall needs, strengths, and weaknesses. To measure progress on an individual level, coaches need to reference the specific intricacies of a position group and the skills required to execute consistently on the field. 

We take this approach to evaluation from a tackling perspective. It is essential to know how each piece of the puzzle fits together from a personnel standpoint. Still, skill development on a player level can require additional investment as servicing specific aspects of the process that need improvement within the practice framework is sometimes tricky. Two athletes may have similar issues in one overall element, such as tracking, but the root of the problem may differ for each player. For example, athlete one may need to work on closing space, while athlete two needs to maintain better leverage as they approach contact. 

The ability to articulate this, visualize it, and communicate it in a productive and actionable way is at the heart of our Individual Tackle Assessment (ITA). We breakdown every tackle attempt by a player and create a three paged report that outlines:

  1. Overall tackling rating as measured by the combination of performance and safety.
  2. Tackle effectiveness versus tackles made as measured by specific execution elements that include YAC average.
  3. Contact frequency and situational performance focus on where contact happens and performance in different situations. 

Our assessment is a comprehensive analysis of performance, safety, and execution of the technical elements involved in tackling. We utilize our unique rating system to provide detailed, player-centered reports that provide a helpful visual communication tool to deepen understanding between coaches and athletes. 

Features of the Atavus ITA:

  • Developing Instinctual Tacklers: Actionable insights delivered in player specific reports used to highlight individual tackler's strengths and identify areas for improvement.
  • Increased Situational Awareness: Induvial Tackle Assessments are player-friendly reports that allow tacklers to easily view and data. Players and coaches will develop a universal language around tackling to improve player confidence in various situations.
  • Emphasis on Safety: Atavus will provide players with an individual breakdown of key safety metrics while tracking instances of unnecessary head contact.
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