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December 13, 2021

Tacklytics - Taking Tackling to the Next Level

We believe that tackling is genuinely an art form: a skill taught, drilled, and practiced, all in the pursuit of perfection. From the defensive perspective, it is the one skill that all position groups participate in collectively. We have broken down the elements of tackling into a learnable, teachable, and duplicatable process. This process allows coaches to not just focus on the result of the play and examine the complete process to evaluate performance and give constructive feedback.

Atavus' tackling analytics is not just about data. We look at every aspect of a play, from the pre-contact pursuit to the finishing elements of contact. We aggregate the data and look for impactful moments that offer actionable insights for coaches and athletes. The goal is to go beyond made vs. missed tackles and create a feedback mechanism that helps coaches communicate and athletes improve and develop tackling skills.

When we created our Tacklytics program, it was to serve coaches year-round. We understand that each season has a different focus or emphasis depending on the program, the athletes, and the team's goals. In the off-season, the focus is on evaluating performance from the previous year to understand which aspects they will emphasize in training. Spring preparations are where the plan's foundation establishes its roots. Just as an offensive or defensive scheme is trialed and molded, we give the same attention to your tackling plan. It is all about weekly tweaks and subtle changes in focus based on upcoming opponents during the season.

We use the data, trends, and reports from the season to create a personalized plan for each athlete based on their strengths and weaknesses. Every athlete is given a clear path to improvement. This level of customization allows for more productive and direct communication about where coaches will allocate practice time and focus.

With Tacklytics, we aim to be an extension of the coaching staff with the sole focus of evaluating the effect of tackling performance on the outcome of each game. Coaches use our reports as a resource to validate what they are seeing on film and challenge players to detail their work and genuinely perfect their craft. Additionally, we offer insight into performance and safety metrics that may get overlooked when schematic elements are the focus. This analysis translates well into practice preparation. It allows coaches to focus on improving specific skills they know have affected performance or safety, with the confidence of the data to validate their approach.

Features of Atavus Tacklytics

  • Tackling Assessment for all regular season games
  • Weekly data driven tackle plans
  • Weekly cutups of teachable tackling moments
  • Full team, quantitative, position group, and individual player reporting
  • Weekly check-in with our Tacklytics coaches
  • End of year report
  • Tackle plans for off-season & pre-season
  • Access to our Digital Tackling Academy & drill library
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