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September 4, 2019

University of Texas Permian Basin Chooses Atavus Tacklytics

Falcons Embrace Shoulder-led Tackling Technique, Will Use Atavus Tacklytics ™ for Game and Practice Film Analysis and Measurement of Player Performance During 2019 Season
ATAVUS Tackle System video instruction

John Gallagher, Sep. 4th 2019

Seattle, WA – September 4, 2019 – Atavus, the leader in football coach education and tackling assessment, announced that the University of Texas Permian Basin (UTPB) football program has selected Atavus to provide shoulder-led tackling technique, game and practice film analysis, and in-season reporting on player, position group, and team performance. UTPB is the first NCAA Division II school to purchase Tacklytics.

“The game of football is changing, and I’m proud that our players and coaching staff are changing with it. Our entire staff is certified in Atavus technique because we want our players to create a new standard in safety and performance,” said Justin Carrigan, head coach at UTPB.  “Atavus delivered a complete package of tools to help us play better defense and reduce the likelihood of injury.”

The Atavus Tackle System is built around a shoulder-led technique that is both fundamentally sound and safer. The goal is to control movement, make effective contact, and to maximize power while reducing unnecessary head contact.

By purchasing Atavus’ flagship product, Tacklytics, UTPB’s coaches and players will have access to the most comprehensive system to help educate, train, and measure results on tackling and defensive performance.

“The emphasis placed by Coach Carrigan on safety and performance is a perfect match for the way Atavus thinks about tackling,” said Rex Norris, vice president of football programming at Atavus. “The Atavus Tackle System focuses on maximizing power and control in the tackle, but also measuring results to insure continual improvement on the field.”

Coaches looking to learn more about how Atavus can help their programs play a more effective and safer game of football should visit Atavus.com.

About Atavus

Atavus provides a modern, impactful solution for coaches at all levels of football to improve performance and safety in tackling. Atavus has developed the first and most comprehensive system rooted in technique and fundamentals using innovative, detailed analytics. Atavus measures performance and offers consulting services to provide coaches on-site and remote assessment, coupled with specific tackle plans backed by advanced technology. Learn more at www.atavus.com.

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