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March 25, 2020

Keep Your Pads Down Podcast - Rex Norris Atavus Football

ATAVUS Team, Mar. 25th 2020

Season 2 Episode 7 with Rex Norris, Defensive Coordinator at Tahoma HS in Maple Valley, WA & Head of Football for Atavus We talk about tackling from various positions on the field.


1:25 News & Notes

8:57 Intro

11:26 Philosophy of Tackling

13:52 Teaching Situational Awareness

16:55 Types of Drills

25:52 Tackling with Force Players - Overhangs

30:56 Block Destruction

42:16 Tackling with Force Players - Corners

49:25 Inside Linebacker Tackling - Inside-Out

58:47 Inside Linebacker Tackling - Force Position

1:02:34 Drill Progressions

1:07:35 Tackling with Alley Safeties

1:17:26 Tackling with Defensive Linemen

1:27:16 The Benefits of Atavus

1:34:08 Tacklytics

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