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September 29, 2020

The Only Rule Is It Has to Work

Coaches of all levels speak on their experience with Atavus Football.

Atavus Team, Sep. 29, 2020

At the heart of Atavus Football is customer satisfaction. Anyone who has worked with Atavus Football over the years can tell you at least one thing, “It works.” Atavus provides teams, coaches, and athletes with the techniques, drills, and analysis to develop safe and effective tacklers.  

Throughout the years, coaches from all levels of Football have adopted the Atavus Tackle System. It is a safe and effective way to improve your team’s defensive performance. Some of the most notable coaches to adopt rugby-style tackling are Former Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio, Texas Defensive Coordinator Chris Ash, Carolina Panthers Head Coach Matt Rhule, Cincinnati Head Coach Luke Fickell, and Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll. Atavus empowers coaches to run more efficient practices, and create adaptive tackle plans. The Atavus team works hand-in-hand with your defensive staff to plot out off-season, pre-season, and in-season programs to build confident tacklers. 

Teaching coaches and athletes how to tackle safely and effectively is only the beginning. Breaking down athlete movements and actions into meaningful insights will be the driving force into improved individual and team performance. Atavus combines innovative curriculum and actionable data with analysis from successful and experienced coaches.

There are 88 data points for every tackle. Using real game data points, Atavus drives athletes to improve their performance from week to week with their Tacklytics program. This goes beyond making the big hits and missing tackles, it provides the full story of your team’s performance. Atavus will analyze all aspects of your defensive performance from yards after contact to preventable yards, and how each tackle was approached whether it was in a positive or negative situation. 

The Atavus Tacklytics program provides an abundance of benefits to a team including weekly post-game breakdowns of tackling performance by positional group or individual, video cut-ups with data and insights, access to actionable data through your team’s Tacklytics dashboard, and much more. With customers in professional, college, and high school football, the Atavus Tackle System has proven effective at all levels of football.

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