December 6, 2021

Inside the Program Assessment

There is a quote that we believe exemplifies our approach to tackling:

"What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny."

This quote is accurate for any aspect of preparation and performance. Still, it is essential when it comes to tackling. Teams that take the time to measure their performance in specific areas can measure the progress and not lose these elements in the final result. Coaches are great developers of talent. Like any other skill we practice on the football field, tackling can be a determining factor in performance and directly affect the game's outcome.

Our sole focus is tackling, and we take pride in this fact to provide coaches with a strategy to evaluate performance and safety in tackling. We focus on it, break it down, play by play, and give the coaches a structure and process to drive short- and long-term improvement. To know if and how a team is progressing, we must baseline a team's performance. The program assessment offers a snapshot of a team's performance, strengths, weaknesses and then prescribes a path to measurable improvement.

We developed this product/service to show coaches critical elements of all we can provide weekly in season. Teams receive the same complete analysis that they would in season, reporting the top trends we identified. Additionally, we offer a 1-hour consultation with our Tacklytics coaches, as we want to take the time to hear directly from the staff.

The assessment can be done at any point, as all we require is access to a few of your previous games and tackling drills from practice. We do this analysis before creating a customized tackle plan for your team to operate with enough knowledge of two things.

  1. What are coaches teaching in practice?
  2. How are those behaviors showing up during games?

We aim to help coaches answer the simple question, "How did we tackle?" With as much clarity and insight to understand how tackling affected the game's outcome and what the focus needs to be in practice the upcoming week. Having a common language allows coaches to communicate more effectively with their players. We also believe that customized feedback is better received by athletes as it answers where the breakdown was in the process, with a clear strategy to address it.

Features of the Atavus Program Assessment:

  • Tackling Assessment for 3 games
  • Tackling Drill assessment of practice
  • 1 hour consultation with our Tacklytics coaches
  • Trend Report of strengths and weaknesses
  • Tackle Plans for Spring/Summer
  • Access to the Digital Tackling Academy
  • Access to the Atavus Tackling Certification
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